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February 02, 2006

$ Free Agents $ - Defensive End

Do we spend money on our Defense or our Offense? "Defense wins Championships!" Our Defense needs an immediate overhaul. Well, not a complete overhaul. We can't wait around for "projects" that may never pan out! We need proven talent. First things first, bolster the D line. DE is a primary concern. A good and consistent pass rush will make the rest of the positions on defense work more efficiently (See 2004 Def. Stats). Of course, I believe John Abraham (Jets)would be the top choice for the Eagles. As long as he could remain healthy, opposing offensive linemen would have to make up their mind on who to double team: Kearse or Abraham. I know Kearse did not get the pressure on the QB that we all hoped he would, but he is a speed and finesse guy. He will not defeat double teams the majority of the time. Abraham, however, would draw that attention away from Kearse hopefully increasing our sack production. The only drawback is Abraham will come with a hefty price tag. Other feasable options may be Darren Howard (NO), Raheem Brock (IND), Aaron Kampman (GB) or even Kyle Van DenBosch (Ten). Although, if we did not spend some money and land Abraham, I suggest trading up in the NFL Draft to get our hands on Mario Williams (6'7", 300lb +) from NC State. I think he could be an immediate impact and not a "work in progress". Tell me what you think?

January 20, 2006

Simon Says: And I thought The Eagles Choked!

Poor Corey Simon :( He demanded more money from Philadelphia for his mediocre play and what did it get him? Absolutely nothing!
Initially, Corey thought he was going to greener pastures by signing with Indianapolis Colts just prior to the 2005 season. He probably couldn't believe his luck when he was off to the supposed next Super Bowl Champion. Well, what do you think now, Corey? Does your holdout and eventual departure from the Eagles seem like a wise move now!?!
At least the Philadelphia Eagles have made appearences to 4 consecutive Championship games and a Super Bowl. The Indianapolis Colts cannot even get past the Divisional round of the Playoffs. They are one of the worst playoff teams I have ever seen. They are consistent, however, and you know what you can count on. That's right another disappointing year of hype, a ton of offense, a decent defense, a prima donna Quarter Back and an early dismissal from the playoffs.
What is sad about your criticism of the Eagles and you desire to leave them, is that you actually played better when you were with the Eagles. You were in shape and you played much harder. You were an absolute "no show" last week against Pittsburgh. They did not call your name once in regards to a defensive play. In fact, I could count on one hand how many times you entered the game. Interestingly enough, it happened to be the same amount of times the Steelers scored a touchdown. Sad!
I hope your career with Indy goes well, but I would brace myself for alot more of what you experienced this year (choke). The grass can't get much greener than what you experienced in Philadelphia!

January 13, 2006

Necessary Cuts!

As you are fully aware, the NFL is a "show or go" profession. There are players on the Eagles who have been given ample time and opportunity to "show" their worth and have not lived up to expectations. There are some players who have spent several productive years with the Eagles and are on the down side of their career. Then ther are some who have been injury prone an unable to perform. Each, however, is subject to the harsh reality of being cut or put on waivers. That is just the business side of the game. Hopefully, there are no hard feelings.
This year the franchise has some 12 million dollars of free salary cap space. That money needs to be used wisely and efficiently. More bang for the buck, so to speak. Unfortunately, to introduce new talent, top flight talent, necessary cuts need to made. If I were GM here is who is on the "go"list:
1. Reno Mahe (no real place for him)
2. Lamar Gordon (inconsistent)
3. Paul Grasmanis (10year vet, injury)
4. N.D. Kalu (may have lost a step)
5. Koy Detmer (Need strong, mobile and accurate back up QB)
6. Jerome McDougle (injury)
7. Correll Buckhalter (injury)
8. Greg Lewis (had his opportunity - didn't fight for the ball, dropped too many passes)
9. Mark Simoneau (victim of younger, bigger, faster, stronger prospects)
10. Keith Adams (hard time with run and blitz)
11. Hollis Thomas ( still produce in rotation format, but need more pass rush and run stop)

Let me know if you agree with any of these? Please provide your ideas and why?

January 11, 2006

Lendale White at pick 14?

If Lendale White (RB USC) is available at #14, do the Eagles make that selection? Or do we use our first round pick to invigorate our sagging defense?
Personally, I say grab him as fast as you can. We need a bruising back. Even with the emergence of Ryan Moats, Westbrook may still be in the recovery process from his Lis Franc injury and not quite 100%, by the time training camp begins. Look how long it took Dawkins and Chad Lewis to recover from the same injury. I think we need insurance at the running back position. Besides, did you see White in the Rose Bowl? Awesome!
As far as our defense is concerned, I honestly think we can address our pass rush problems with a free agent signing during the off-season. Well, as long as the franchise is willing to loosen the purse strings. I know they were burned by the whole TO fiasco, but it is obvious what a top flight athlete can do for a prominent,"on the verge" team.
At the Defensive End position John Abraham (NYJets) would be my first choice. At Outside Linebacker I would like Julian Peterson (49ers). I know I may be dreaming a little bit but that is all I have right now. Give me a break!
Let me know what you think we should do?